A Restorative Grecian Meditation Retreat

October 6 – October 13, 2018

Join us on a special and peaceful journey to the magical Ionian Island Constellation off the coast of Greece. There we’ll be guests of the beautiful one-of-a-kind itha108 retreat center. Curated by Heather Prete, The Restorative Grecian Meditation Retreat includes deepening and relaxing mindfulness activities while still allowing for plenty of self-exploration and private excursion time. Itha108 is surrounded by inspiring natural beauty, resting high above the water, overlooking the glittering Mediterranean Sea across from the eastern coastline of neighboring Kefalonia. For 8 whole restorative days, you’ll languish amongst history, stars, sand and inner peace, surrounded by olive trees, hidden beaches, secret coves, ancient gods and enlightenment.


Sample Itinerary:

-Yoga and Stretching.
-Vegatarian Breakfast overlooking the sea.
-Boating around the beautiful island of Ithaca.
-Guided Meditation.
-Hiking to the ancient ruins.
-Vegetarian Lunch. (option of fresh caught fish)
-Guided Meditation.
-Swimming in the ocean.
-Vocal toning pratices to open the heart and clear obstacles.
-Vegetarian Dinner. (option of fresh caught fish)
-Privates with Heather or mindful vocal lessons with Jahna.
-Stargazing meditation.


All rooms are PER PERSON.

The deposit is 50% down of the room you decide and the whole fee must be paid 6 weeks before the retreat. We can refund the deposit up until 6 weeks before the retreat but there is a $300 non refundable fee.

Please find more specifics for this amazing retreat oasis here: Itha108.

Luxury Room Single – $2700.00
Luxury Room Double – $2000.00
Luxury Stone House Single – $2700.00

Luxury Stone House Double (King Bed) –$3400.00 for one resident or $2400.00 per person double occupancy

Yurt Luxury Double (Twin Beds) – $1700.00
Yurt Regular Double – $1500.00
Yurt Single – $2400.00
(Even boat and transport to island and retreat)

Airfare NOT included

We suggest that you fly into Athens (why not spend an evening there and visit the sights?) then book a (very short) internal flight to Kefalonia where we will gather around noon on the first day of retreat to take our private boat to the Island! You only need to plan your flights and we will do the rest!

We will be also sharing space with Master Tibetan Singing Bowl artist Michael Perricone and UCLA Mindfulness Facilitator and Vocalist Jahna Perricone.

The trip will include two daily meditations, island exploration, stargazing, movement, as well as energetically inspiring and healing sound-baths with Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and Vocal Toning practices to open the heart and clear obstacles as we cultivate our unique potential!  Michael and Jahna will also offer their eclectic musical talents throughout the retreat.


Please email HeatherPreteAssistant@gmail.com for more information!